M. T. - Health Care Consultant

"Sari's experience at Balance Practice Development and as Principal, Office and Practice Solutions, is the perfect combination of understanding strategic advantage and business principles."

Dr. A. O.

There are a lot of people I need to thank for making this dream a reality (so many that I cannot list them all:)! But I do need to do a shout out for Sari Schiff and her team at Office and Practice Solutions for managing so much of this process so I could focus on the important things - my patients and my family! Also, a huge thank you to my family, my amazing staff, and loving hubby, Jason for all of the support and encouragement!!

Dr. Ron S.- General Dental

"I have been working with Sari, Danielle and George for the past 9 months and have been nothing but pleased with our results! They have helped plan and facilitate some much needed changes and improvements to my practice. I would highly recommend them!"

Dr. Dave G. - Orthodontist

“Sari is one of the brightest women I know. She has been instrumental in helping me to turn my practice around and making my life less stressful. She helped me renegotiate my lease, saving me hundreds every month. She helped me to redirect my marketing efforts and deal with staffing short-comings. Thank you, Sari.”

Dr. Mike S. - General Dental

"I was struggling with all the details of moving my dental practice from the building I have been in for the past 38 years and into a new build out with a neighbor chiropractor. I contacted Sari for help and am amazed at how professional and knowledgeable she is. I can’t give enough credit and praise for what she has done for me and my dental practice. OPS is an absolute must for any professional looking to move or establish a new practice!
I highly recommend Sari and her associates as being the absolute best there is in the area."

Dr. Paul R. - Chiropractor

"I would like to thank Sari for her top notch consulting! We have been searching for an office manager for 6 months and after starting on with Sari, she connected us within two visits with the perfect fit! She possesses the unique ability to not only sniff out talent, but to also put the right people in touch with each other and help facilitate business relationships. Highly recommended, regardless of the age of your business; she will get things moving in a better direction!"

Dr. E. D. - General Dental

"Sari and her team helped me during the transition after I purchased a dental office from a retiring dentist. Just about everything that could go wrong did but they were there throughout the whole process giving me the confidence and resources to continue moving forward. They have provided me with systems and paperwork to allow the practice to run smoothly. George is also doing a great job working on my website and we will soon begin focusing on social media. They offer a wide range of services and are very knowledgable - I highly recommend!"